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Over the years, Ophelia Silk has lived and loved across the globe. New adventures in romantic locations are always on her agenda, but she enjoys a night in with her cat and a good book any day of the week. She hopes her own stories will whisk readers away to extraordinary places, with characters who, through trials and growth, always end up with the happy ever after we all deserve. There is absolutely no reason to believe she is secretly several authors in a sexy trench coat. (Though, for the record, all of her trench coats are incredibly sexy.)

Spellbound ebook cover - full sized (1).

Dragon Tamer

Out Now!

Dragons are monsters—or so Katla thinks, until she accidentally frees one from an icy curse. Together, they must destroy their common enemy, the god terrorizing humans and dragons alike. But can Kalta stop her new ally's grouchy kindness from terrorizing her heart?


April 2021

After being attacked by a dark creature of the forest, Jane must stay with the witch who rescued her while she recovers. But the more she gets past the woman's harsh exterior, the more she becomes entranced—and not by magic.

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