Katla, idiot of idiots, last warrior of Lundr, should know better than to release a dragon.


Sacrificing humans to keep the dragons away may be less bloody than war, but it’s repulsive and cowardly. Real warriors fight their enemies head on. And that’s exactly what Katla intends to do.


Her plans go south when, instead of preventing the sacrifice, she frees a sleeping dragon and is kidnapped to his frozen castle. Between his speed and bestial form, escape would be hard enough. But the dragon is compassionate, too—and nothing slays a lonely warrior faster than a kindhearted grouch.


Soon, Katla is trapped between raging factions of her own heart. Stopping the sacrifices will recommence an age-old war, one she and her peace-loving dragon would wage from opposing sides. Now that they have tamed each other, could they truly go back to being enemies?

Icy curses, blood magic, and sassy banter collide as a heroic fool finds herself falling for a grumpy dragon shifter in this comedic, heartwarming, and adventurous romance.

Trigger warnings: blood, blood loss, character death.

Heat level: Romantic yearning, with one semi-explicit sex scene.

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GENRE: Fantasy romance LENGTH: 249 pages PRINT ISBN: 9798673811139 ​ AVAILABLE AT: Amazon PAPERBACK: .99



EBOOK: $2.99

GENRE: Fantasy romance

LENGTH: 249 pages

PRINT ISBN: 9798673811139


"Every bit as swoon-worthy as the cover implies! Watching these two tame each other is a treat!" — Jillian Maria

"Irreverent, light-hearted, and a joy to read. It’s everything I want from a cute fantasy romance. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and the whole book is better for it." — Christine at Black Forest Basilisks

"Fun and easy to read! Definitely a good book to pick up if you want a blend of romance and fantasy with a winter aesthetic, the kind of story that pairs well with a snow day or a mug of cocoa." — Christina DiCocco 

"Dragons, blood magic, romance. Three ingredients for a recipe for success in this heartwarming tale of a badass warrior and her dragon lover." — Alex Worthington at Rambles & Reviews from the void